How the Big Blue Bin Has Made Recycling Awfully Expensive

Cities used to make a lot of money off recyclables. That’s changed, largely because of what we’re tossing into the recycling bin. Read the full article here…

Wired Article About Learning to Recycle Again

“RECYCLING IS ONE of the first post-industrial successes that mixed environmentalism with business. Instead of being buried underground, certain types of waste stream from consumer’s homes to special facilities to be sorted by type, broken down, and shipped off to manufacturers to begin life anew. Recycling makes environmental and economic sense.” Read the full article here…

Washington Post Article On The State Of Recycling

“Tucked in the woods 30 miles north of Washington is a plant packed with energy-guzzling machines that can make even an environmentalist’s heart sing — giant conveyor belts, sorters and crushers saving a thousand tons of paper, plastic and other recyclables from reaching landfills each day.” Read the Full Article Here…

What Happens To Recycling Once It Leaves The Curb?

KQED News just did a great piece on the recycling sorting process in San Francisco. It’s not all that different from what happens north of the Golden Gate.

Check out this short and informative video

Read the full article here…

San Jose Considering Larger Garbage Carts To Reduce Recycling Contamination

“Some residents could start seeing larger trash bins at the curb early next year, the latest push from City Hall to reduce the tons of garbage being incorrectly stuffed in recycling bins.” Read the full article here…

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Intereseting Article About Recycling In New York

“Most of us do not think much about recycling. We might clean bottles and jars, crush cartons and break down boxes. We might sort these items into their designated bins or bags, but once we lose sight of the recyclables, the rest of the process is an abstraction.” Read the full article here…

New Video! Food Container Recycling!

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