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Cary, Thank you for e-mailing me with your supervisors name and contact information. As I said on the phone this morning, the service you provided in same day delivery AND removal as I negotiated both a new domain (property management), in a very difficult area of town, was extra-ordinary. I am glad to have the opportunity to tell this to you and your supervisor in writing. It wasn’t just “a box”, is wasn’t just “a job”–YOU made me feel like a personal client with a real issue and you went out of your way to solve/resolve it. Thank you!

In addition, I learned a lot. I probably ordered the “wrong box” with lack of information. In the future I am likely to order larger boxes and to understand the process of delivery, filling, pick up. This is because of how YOU communicated. While I know little about demolition, business, or any part of the construction industry—-I do have a Ph.D. in communication and have worked in the field of communication and human relations for over 30 years. You Communicate well and are a valuable asset to your company!

It gives me great pleasure to write this commendation of your work at the end of a long day “in the field!”


Betsy H, Ph.D.