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My husband and I are newly weds and are still figuring out who’s turn it is for cleaning the litter box and taking out the trash. Well, we are planning to have some company on the weekend and both made a comment like, “I’m going to make sure that we put out the trash. It would suck if we forgot.” to which there was an answer, “Ehh, don’t worry we’ll remember. We. Always.Do.” (said in slow motion on the re-play) Yeah. Real smart.

In my disbelief the next morning there were our full-to-the-brim cans smiling at me at 8am. As my sleepy brain sorted out that this was Wednesday morning (the day we usually wake up to empty bins, no way!) I’m pretty sure I heard a “Nah nah nah nah nah” taunt lilting on the wind. I was crushed, as I remembered our company and how we would all get to enjoy seeing our trash pile as they enter our home.

Our sincere Thank You goes here: Thank you for taking my call and for being so pleasant and patient on the phone as I explained that I might be the first idiot with the audacity to think they could call in and have the trash magically picked up at a later time. Not only did you say I wasn’t alone, but that for a very reasonable fee we could have our trash picked up in the next 24 hours. (Whew!! Best news I’ve heard in a while!) Also, a very relieved Thank You goes to our hero driver who saved our weekend and came back around to get the trash/recycling we so sheepishly wheeled out at 8:30am. I am sure you don’t hear it enough as most of us are sleeping when you do your route- but you are amazing! Thanks for doing what you do!


The Powers