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I just wanted to recognize your employee, Robert B. for his awesome customer service. Yesterday I called in and he was able to answer ALL my necessary questions, and he was kind and understanding and very helpful. He should be recognized for his abilities, and I really believe he is management material !! I asked to speak to a supervisor, as I am dealing with customer service alot in my workplace, he is definitely helpful and an asset to your company. ( I put a notation in out file so if I have to call again I will ask for him….)

Im sure we both agree that customer service has been going downhill in many areas over the last few years and I just wanted him to know he really made a difference. So, thank you Robert, for what you bring to Santa Rosa Recycling! It’s refreshing!

Most Sincerely,

Tracy B


I just wanted to give some recognition to a great employee of your company named Stacey Allen. She has gone our of her way to help me with an overpayment issue I had and its really rare to find someone trying hard to be helpful and do a good job when you have an issue. I really appreciated how quickly she helped me and followed up and tried to do her best to get my issue resolved. Wanted to let you know she’s doing a great job. Thank you.

Ali F