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I live at … Lane in Petaluma and wanted to report the behavior that I witnessed at exactly 12:05 PM on Tuesday, June 4th.

I was observing your truck picking up my garbage and recycling bins, and as the driver pulled away from my bins he suddenly stopped and got out of the truck. I had not noticed anything wrong and was curious. The driver walked around in front of the truck to the opposite side of the street and picked up three small pieces of paper (roughly the size of a napkin and two candy bar wrappers. He threw those into the now empty garbage can belonging to my neighbor, got back in the truck and drove away.

I don’t know how many of my neighbors themselves would have gone out of their way to pick up that small amount of trash if they walked right over it. I am quite surprised and grateful for having witnessed this.

I would assume that this speaks not only to the thoughtfulness of this individual driver, but to the culture that is being tended to by your organization.

Thank you,