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Plastic Bags Becoming an Issue in Bethlehem, PA

“Mixing plastic grocery bags in with commingled recyclables is costing cities like Bethlehem revenue, and results in landfilling containers that could otherwise be turned into something useful.”

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San Jose May Start Fining Recycling Rule-Breakers

SAN JOSE — Neal Schulman stared at his gray recycling cart. A red “Non-Collection Notice” stared back.

“You can’t even have tissues?” Schulman, 62, asked as he reached into the bin to remove them last week. It was the first time he got such a notice. “I try to comply, and I thought this was recyclable. I’m surprised.”

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Press Democrat Article About Recycling Rules

“Sonoma County’s dominant waste hauler is struggling to clean up its single-stream recycling program, and it’s tightening the rules on what is — and what is not — recyclable material.” Read the whole article here… 

Fortune Magazine Article About the State of Recycling

“Profits across the industry have been in free fall, due to technical challenges and changes in consumer behavior. Can Waste Management turn things around?”

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Plastic In The Ocean Reaches The Arctic

It’s estimated there are at least 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic fouling up the oceans, not to mention inland floating garbage dumps like the Great Lakes.  Now plastic litter has invaded the remote waters of the Arctic, as well.

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Arlington County No Longer Accepting Plastic Bags

“Keep the plastic bags out of your recycling bins.”

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