*Accepting Toxic Pressure Treated Wood Drop-off

Pressure Treated Wood is considered a hazardous toxic material which requires special handling and must be disposed of properly.

Pressure treated wood is not accepted in your recycling, trash, or yard waste carts or bins.

Redwood Empire Recycling Center is now accepting pressure treated wood for drop-off. There is a minimum charge of $15.00 for any weight under 200 lbs. Any weight over 200 lbs will be at $150 per ton. Both checks and credit cards are accepted.

Redwood Empire Recycling Center
3400 Standish Ave., Santa Rosa

   (turn East on West Robles Ave., look for the Recycling Center signs)

Open Monday-Saturday 7am-5pm

Pressure Treated Wood is poisonous to insects, fungus, and bacteria. It is also poisonous to humans and other life forms. It is listed by the State of California (and most other states) as a carcinogen. The basic elements involved are copper, chromium, and arsenic. All are hazardous to human health and the environment and do not break down into harmless substances. It should never, ever be burned.

Visit http://www.ecologycenter.org/factsheets/pressure-treated_wood.html for more information about Pressure Treated Wood.