Portable Restrooms

Do you need a portable restroom for a construction site or backyard event? The Ratto Group - Wine Country Portables offers a full service unit to specifically match your needs. Servicing the units up to 7 days a week, you can keep the unit for as long or as short as you need. Our most popular units include:

The Standard Restroom

The standard restroom is our base model used at most job sites. It features a urinal, restroom seat with lid, seat covers, and a 2-roll paper dispenser. This unit utilizes a small footprint, while still offering a roomy interior. Most long term construction jobs and weekend parties take advantage of this model since it's convenient, lightweight and clean. Keep in mind that this unit does not include an interior sink. A separate sink is required to meet OSHA standards.

The Deluxe Restroom

The Deluxe Restroom is very similar to the Standard Restroom with the one exception that there's a hand wash unit inside with soap & paper towel dispenser. The footprint of the unit is the same as the Standard Restroom yet allows for full privacy during the whole "process". This unit meets OSHA Standards for construction sites as long as there are less than 5 people on the jobsite. This unit is perfect for that backyard event you've been planning.

The ADA Restroom

This unit is fully ADA compliant and wheel chair accessible. This unit is recommended if handicap facilities are required at your site. Meets all guidelines pertaining to the "American Disability Act" including a spacious interior, extra wide door and interior hand railing.

The Sink

Our free-standing sinks are activated by a foot pump for superior sanitation. Soap & paper towels are included. This sink unit meets all OSHA standards for any construction job where more than 5 people are present on the job.

The OSHA Trailer

Our OSHA trailers are a combination of The Standard Restroom and The Sink. The sink is mounted on the front of the trailer and not attached to the toilet per CAL OSHA regulations. The best part is that the unit can be moved whenever necessary for more convenient usage by your workforce.