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Imagine our schools as leaders in environmental sustainability, giving students the tools to be innovators, and giving them a healthy environment in which to learn and play. Recycling at school empowers kids to make a difference, and teaches them environmental values that will stay with them for life. The real question is, "Why not?"

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The Ratto Group - A family of companies has trained and enthusiastic recycling educators available at no charge to work with your school to implement or enhance your recycling program, and to present recycling information to students in the classroom or school wide assemblies. To contact a Recycling Coordinator, contact customer service and ask to be transferred to Recycling Outreach, or email


  • Site Visit: Outreach staff is available to visit your school to start or enhance your current recycling program. We can provide recommendations for sizes, update signage on indoor cans or outdoor bins so they're clearly marked and work with staff to determine the most effective way to reach your students and make recycling as easy to do as possible.
  • Presentations: To teach your students about what happens to garbage and recycling once it leaves school, our staff can provide grade-appropriate presentations or school wide assemblies where we can provide information, activities and answer students questions.
  • Fieldtrip of Facility: Fieldtrips for groups of students are available at our local recycling facility, where kids can see first hand what happens to all of the recyclable materials we receive here in Sonoma County as they get sorted, bailed, and sent off to be made into new material.

Meet the Team

Bessie Martinez

Working with the company for the last 12 years, Bessie is an invaluable asset to the Recycle Outreach team. She is knowledgeable and experienced on the ins and outs of the business and specializes in public interaction and customer service. Bessie covers Cotati, Rohnert Park, Petaluma, Novato, West Marin and Sonoma County areas outside of city limits. To contact Bessie call (707) 585-5273 or email her at

Hillary Shephard

With a BA in Communications from San Diego State University and two years of experience working with The Ratto Group, Hillary is available to assist with all recycle questions and specializes in school/community presentations. She covers Cloverdale, Healdsburg, Windsor, Sebastopol and Santa Rosa, as well as coordinates all donation and sponsorship requests. To contact Hillary call (707) 588-3684 or email her at

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