Pricing Rates

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Cotati City Rates Effective 4/1/2016

Can Service20 GAL32 GAL68 GAL95 GAL
Senior Discount*N/A13.5431.69N/A
Commercial CansN/A19.6039.1958.79
Low Income Discount**7.8411.0128.8644.49

Clean-up Bins7 Days
4.0 YD218.56

Extra Bin/Can Services
Extra Can Pick Ups5.47 per can
Administrative Start-up Fee for New Accounts or Transfer Existing Account9.13 (residential only)
Road Charge5.51

Bin Service1/WK2/WK3/WK4/WK5/WK6/WKExtra Pick Ups
1.5 YD155.29272.20387.24501.78617.71N/A38.95
2.0 YD205.42341.06486.99633.04779.22N/A48.64
3.0 YD256.98439.54635.08831.241,027.15N/A59.91
4.0 YD306.04513.73731.68978.541,308.57N/A72.42
6.0 YDNo Wheels485.79772.141,058.341,344.571,630.85N/A121.38

*Senior Discount - Available only to citizens age 62 or older who receive Supplemental Income ( SSI & Medi-Care Benefits)
**Low Income Discount - Available only to citizens currently enrolled in PG&E's CARE Program. Proof must be provided