Petaluma Refuse & Recycling

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(707) 766-6026
P.O. Box 14609
Santa Rosa 95402

Petaluma Refuse and Recycling offers several options for commercial accounts. Recycling is a free service for refuse accounts. Depending on your area, commercial accounts may choose from 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6 cubic yard bins. We offer collection up to six times a week. Small generators may subscribe to weekly cart service, but will need to bring their carts to the roadside.

To ensure your bins are collected, make sure any enclosures are accessible and are not blocked by vehicles. There will be a charge to return service trip. You will receive an additional charge if your garbage is overfull, or if your recycling is contaminated.

Your service charge is based on the size of your bin or cart. Petaluma Refuse and Recycling has trained outreach staff to assist you in increasing your recycling and can help you save money Click here for more information on outreach opportunities...

Building a new enclosure for your collection containers?
Please review our bin enclosure and access specifications.