Can Size

The size of your cart depends on you and your family's needs Garbage rates are based on the size of your cart. In most areas we offer four levels of service for residential customers, with single-stream recycling and green waste recycling included in the quarterly billed rate. Super recyclers or small families may be able to reduce their waste and subscribe to the 20 gallon service. Be sure not to over stuff the cart, or all of the garbage might not come out. We offer can sizes for our commercial customers as well. Have a look at your areas "Current Rates" for availability and pricing.

Typical weekly garbage needs for Single Stream recycling households:

  • 20 Gallon: 1-2 people who use one (1) kitchen sized garbage bag per week. Dimensions are roughly 24"L x 20"W x 35"H.
  • 32 Gallon: 3-4 people who use approximately (2) kitchen sized garbage bags per week. Dimensions are roughly 25"L x 20"W x 39"H.
  • 64 Gallon: 5-8 people who use approximately four (4) kitchen sized garbage bags per week. Dimensions are roughly 32"L x 25"W x 42"H.
  • 94 Gallon: 9-12 people who use five (5) or more kitchen sized bags of garbage per week. Dimensions are roughly 36"L x 30"W x 44"H

**Please note that not all cans have the same dimensions. Dimensions listed above are estimates only. Can sizes may not be available in all areas.