Street Sweeping

What's Your Day?

Knowing your street sweeping day is important so we can have full access when sweeping your neighborhood. Please park cars off the street on sweep day. This will allow us to keep your streets cleaner! Call Rohnert Park Disposal if you need help figuring out your sweep day.

Daily Street Sweeping Schedule

C, F & S sections & commercial areas
H, G and J section, Amberwood St & islands in commercial areas
D and E sections. Mountain Shadows HOA
L, M R and east B sections
A section and west B section

Timed Streets (where parking is restricted during certain hours)

Seed Farm from Enterprise to Santa Alicia

Santa Cruz from Country Club to San Benito
Golf Course Dr from 1000 to 1031 south side
Eleanor Ave from 1000 to 1018 north side
Emily Ave north of Eleanor
Country Club Dr from Golf Course to Fairway
Joanne Court
Kirsten Court

Cristobal Rd
Civic Center from Country Club to San Simeon
Copeland Creek Dr between Country Club & Cedar Circle
Beverly from Copeland Creek to East Cotati
Boris Court - east side

Avram Ave in front of Sonoma Villas
Boris Ct - west side
Adrian Dr from Southwest Blvd to College
View Dr

Please note: All posted parking signs must be obeyed or you are subject to citation.