Questions and Answers

Q: How do I decrease the garbage bill at my business?

A: Oftentimes commercial businesses aren't recycling as much material as they could be. Your collection rate is based on the size and frequency of your garbage pickup, while recycling is included free of charge. Therefore, the more you recycle the less your bill can be! Recycle Outreach Coordinators are available free of charge at any time to conduct a site audit and determine ways to decrease your garbage and improve your recycling program. Call (707) 588-3684 to schedule an appointment or email us at

Q: How do I receive your bi-annual newsletter if I live in an apartment complex?

A: Because the Recycling News is mailed to customer account billing addresses, most apartment and multifamily complex residents do not receive the bi-annual Recycling Newsletter. Only residents that pay directly for garbage service receive our mailings. If you would like you and/or your tenants to receive the newsletter, please provide permission from the complex manager or owner and provide us with an electronic file of the full address and unit numbers you want to receive the newsletter. We don't need anyone's name; newsletters will be delivered to the "resident" of each unit. Please email the electronic file to or call 707-588-3684 for more information.