Close the Loop

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Close the Loop

  1. First things first, lets REDUCE the amount that we consume and shift our consumption practices. Purchasing well-designed products and services is the first step to revving up your waste reduction routine. Reduce waste at the source, and buy less things, or items that will break shortly after purchase. Limit the use of single-use items, like plastic grocery bags and paper coffee cups.

  2. The second R is REUSE. Find practical uses for items before you toss them into the trash or the blue cart. Find quality items that someone else has used at second-hand stores or online bulletin boards. Many items we need can be purchased used, reducing the impact on natural resources.

  3. RECYCLE is diverting end-use materials from the trash to be broken down into their elements and reused in new products. Recycling is free with garbage service!

  4. Close the loop by purchasing items with recycled content. Using products and materials made from recycled content reduces the consumption of natural resources and creates a critical market for recycled content goods. Support recycling by feeding this loop: recycle, then buy recycled. Examples of new products made with percentages of recycled content materials are copy paper, clothing, carpet, tables, couches and other interior design products. Check out for a directory of recycled content products.

The bottom line: The smaller size garbage cart you sign up for, the cheaper your garbage bill will be. North Bay Corporation and Redwood Empire Disposal provides free residential and commercial recycling, free waste assessments and outreach education to multifamily, businesses, and school accounts. We are here to work with you to reduce your waste, so take advantage of our services to serve the planet and your pocketbook!