School Resources

Green Schools Initiative: Here are two valuable resources for schools interested in "Going Green". These sites provide school board resolutions, steps to green your school, environmental curriculum, and much more. See and for more information.

Recycling Containers: The Ratto Group provides free recycling crates for classrooms but there are other resources for different types of containers. Check out your local hardware store or office supply store for inside and outside containers. Visit for a free collection container, and for posters and stickers.

Recycling Education: Looking to implement recycling and environmental awareness into your curriculum? Recycling coordinators are available to assist you in your recycling program and provide staff trainings or classroom presentations.

The California EEI has free instructional materials that are standard based for a variety of grade levels. Check out for more information.

The Environmental Protection Agency has an extensive library of publication and educational activities centered on Recycling, Reducing, Reusing and environmental awareness. For more information, visit

Fundraising Opportunities:

Rapid Refill Ink provides cash for each ink jet & laser toner cartridge recycled with thei Collection Bin Program. The recycling program is a low effort, no cost fundraiser that helps the environment and earns money for your organization. For more information, contact your local Rapid Refill Ink Store on 1415 North Dutton Avenue, Suite B, Santa Rosa, 95401 at (707)571-1965 or visit

Office Depot & Staples provides $3.00 store credit coupon in exchange for each empty ink and toner cartridge brought into the store for recycling. More information is available at any store location.

TerraCycle is a program that will give schools money for designated brand juice pouches, like Capri Sun, and snack wrappers. The pouches and wrappers are then upcycled into assorted items, like backpacks, pencil cases, folders and notebooks. Visit for more information and how to start collecting.

Grant Information:

Computers for Learning encourages and promotes the re-use of computers by transferring excess computers from agencies directly to schools and educational non-profit organizations. This extends the useful life of the computer, helps a needy school, and contributes to a cleaner & greener environment. For more information:

The Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery offers the Tire-Derived Product (TDP) Grant Program to promote markets for recycled-content products derived from waste tires generated in California and decrease the adverse environmental impacts created by unlawful disposal and stockpiling of waste tires. Schools are eligible to apply for this type of grant, which in the past, has provided new playgrounds, tracks, sidewalks, and sport surfacing to California Public Schools. For more information:

The Environmental Protection Agency awards grants each year for environmental education programs and efforts. For more information:

Free & Discounted Materials for Schools:

Computers & Education has an effective computer re-use program with the Computer Recycling Center in Santa Rosa, providing refurbished computers to teachers, schools, community programs, foster kids, and home-bound disabled elderly, through city and county agencies. For more information: The Marin Computer Resource Center also offers computers to schools. Visit them at for more information.

Free used materials for schools: In response to the current economic challenges of the California School System, CalMAX created KidMAX to promote reuse opportunities within California schools. KidMAX offers schools and other non-profit organizations FREE and/or bargain-priced materials and free advertisements (for wanted or available materials) through the CalMAX Classifieds. Teachers can obtain a variety of useful materials donated from all over California. To view the CalMAX Classified's or to place your listing, visit:

Computer for Schools offers certified refurbished computers to schools and non-profits at about 1/3 of the cost of new. Computers for Schools is a non-profit dedicated to providing a low cost alternative for achieving technology in the classroom. For more information:

Turn Junk into Art! Most students love to make art and art education is definitely an important part of our education system. Why not learn how to make art out of junk, have fun, and save a few bucks!?

The Imagination Factory's Trash Matcher lists common waste materials and creative ways to make use of them. Visit for more information.

Looking for craft or art project ideas? Check out, for more information.

Looking for craft materials? Scrap, in San Francisco, is a low cost way to find lots of parts for projects. Visit for more information. Garbage Reincarnation also is a great resource for materials, and they hold an annual junk art show your school could participate in.