Green Tips for Shopping

  • BYOB (Bring Your Own Bags): You won’t have to think about paper or plastic when you bring your own. Keep a bag of bags in your car ready to use whenever you go shopping.
  • Less Packaging: Choose items that have little or no packaging. If a product you love has lots of wrapping, contact the manufacturer! Ask for less packaging for the products you are buying. Buy in bulk whenever possible.
  • Reduce: Buy quality instead of quantity. Cheap is good, but it isn’t made to last. Rule of thumb – one good pen is better than 20 throwaways.
  • Reuse: Find ways to reuse old items before buying new ones. Getting creative not only saves you money, but reduces the waste going to landfills. Consider bringing to the store your own reused glass jars or containers to fill from bulk bins.
  • Recycle: Buy recycled content materials (things made out of previously used materials). Also, consider buying things that can be recycled afterwards.