Novato Disposal

The Unicycler Needs Your Help to Keep the Recycling Cart Clean!
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(415) 897-4177
P.O. Box 3849
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Novato Disposal offers weekly garbage service to customers. Included in the fee for garbage service is a weekly curbside recycling program and weekly yard waste service.

Residents may choose from 20, 32, 68, or 95-gallon rolling garbage carts. The cost of your service is based on the size of your garbage cart. The smaller your garbage cart, the less cost. The blue cart is for recycling and the green cart is for yard waste.

Garbage collection begins early in the morning, so it is important that your cart be at the curb the night before to assure your collection is not missed. Click here for more information on cart placement. You will receive an additional charge if you have extra garbage or if the lid will not close on your cart.

Food Scraps FAQ

What can I put in my green bin?

What is not allowed in my green bin?

I just bought bio-bags at the store.
They say they are compostable. Can I use them?

How can I contain my scraps and keep my cart clean?

What can I do to prevent odors?

Will this attract rats, bugs and other vermin?

Where is this material taken?

I’ve heard meat and cheese can’t be composted.
How is this material allowed?

Can I buy this compost?

I have more questions, who can I ask?