Large Item Collection Rates

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RSC Bulky Item Pick-up Price SheetEffective Date: 7/01/2013

Details on Free Services Available to Residents
Rates below apply for collection of more that 4 large items per year.

Furniture Electronics
Twin Bed (per set) $63.28Computer Monitor $37.95
Double/ Full (per set) $63.28Television $37.95
Queen (per set) $63.28Console TV $63.28
King (per set) $63.28Stereo Equipment $37.95
Bed Frame $50.61VCR/ Home Entertainment $37.95
Couch (under 6 feet) $50.61Printer/ Fax $37.95
Upholstered Chair $50.61Copier (table top) $37.95
Wooden Chair $50.61Copier (small stand alone) $88.58
Dinette Table $50.61Over-sized Office Equipment - Price Varies

Building MaterialYard & Garden
Household Door $50.61Gas Mower (must be drained)$37.95
Sink $50.61BBQ$37.95
Toilet $50.61Ping Pong Table$37.95
Window (less than 3' X 4' only) $50.61Exercise Bike$37.95
Swing Set $37.95
Bicycle $37.95

AppliancesHousehold Items
Water Heaters (35 - 100 gallons)$50.61Rug (9' X 12')$50.61
Oven $56.94Vacuum $50.61
Oven (stove top) $56.94
Oven - Stove unit $56.94
Microwave $50.61
Garbage Compactor $50.61
Refrigerator $69.61
Freezer $69.61
Air Conditioner $69.61
Washing Machine $56.94
Dryer $56.94