Pricing Rates

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Windsor City Rates Effective 4-1-2017

Can Service20 GAL32 GAL68 GAL95 GALExtra Pick-UpsRecycle Only
Additional Can per Month7.9213.8627.7242.42
Senior Discount9.1313.7124.77N/A16.46

Extra Can Services
Additional can exchange (1 free exchange/contract term)16.97 per cart
Additional cart replacement (1 free relacement/contract term)84.85 per cart
Recycling only collection6.79 per month
Each additional greenwaste cart (3 + carts)14.37 per cart

Clean-up Bins7 Days
3.0 YD168.78

Bin Service1/WK2/WK3/WK4/WK5/WK6/WKExtra Pick Ups
1.5 YD235.60408.81585.64717.01975.141,181.6274.35
2.0 YD280.92489.92703.60991.371,229.841,570.9583.09
3.0 YD388.83684.73980.161,275.541,570.951,866.37104.78
4.0 YD446.36851.441,222.951,594.391,965.862,337.28114.46
6.0 YDNo Wheels575.611,075.251,579.462,081.232,582.903,084.68137.12

Extra Bin Services
Collection of blocked bins16.43 per bin
Collection of overflowed bins31.14 per cubic yard
Collection of contaminated RRY or YW bins21.90 per bin
Additional bin exchange (1 free exchange/contract term)16.97 per bin
Additional bin replacement (1 free replacement/contract term)56.57 per bin